Sandwich Box Mk3 Software Changes

Customers with the Mk3 version of the Sandwich Box can download this software and any updates for free. The latest version of software can be obtained from the download area or can be supplied on CD if preferred.

Current version updates:

Version 302 to 303

Version 302 to 303


  • SEG Header - Re-executing allows selection of a diferent file
  • Add item on taskbar when Parameters Module is open
  • plot down sweep phase and amplitude spectrum plots on a reverse frequency axis (i.e. High to Low frequency)
  • Interpolation of statistics for low sweep rates improved
  • Force output weighting on front panel Force connector corrected
  • Enable editing of channel names in Edit Header module
  • Add trigger details to Header dump
  • Automatically remove time error for asynchronous triggering when using Check Sweep module
  • Check Reference Sweep can do down sweeps
  • Correct mass force amplitude scaling on Close Up plot
  • Remove html option when printing to graphics file
  • Omit tapers from data prior to processing Clock test
  • Change folder in Parameters module no longer reverts to original selection when changing tab before exiting module
  • Initialisation allows user to accept first SW Box or scan again for another device
  • Error box on Channel Select page is hidden if there are no errors
  • State of self test Save/Don't Save control saved correctly
  • Accelerometer test amplitude deviation changed to RMS and window length adjusted
  • Accelerometer test - axes for Phase and Amplitude deviation labelled
  • Channel type is now correctly read by Recalculate Force module for Sercel DSDs