Testif-i Light

Instrument Test Processing suite, an extra tool for our QCs

Testif-i Light is a sub-set of the industry-leading Testif-i Test Processing software designed for day to day use by Verif-i QCs in the field. Testif-i Light contains modules from both the Land and Marine versions of Testif-i, concentrating on the modules which are most relevant to regular operations, such as geophone and vibrator analysis, streamer sensitivity and noise, while omitting the more in-depth instrument testing modules typically used by specialised auditors at crew start up.

The software gives Verif-i technical QCs the ability to independently review acquired data more thoroughly than by just checking contractors' results without getting bogged down in detail. Technical support is always available to Verif-i QCs from head office in the event of any anomalies being discovered to ensure acquired data is as good as possible.