Leaders in Acquisition 2015

As we are fast approaching 2015 we are looking to schedule spring dates for our Leaders in Acquisition course and would be delighted to hear from you if you are interested in attending.


The course is aimed at developing and growing the skills necessary to help all our consultants manage projects, communicate client goals, resolve conflict and get greater personal satisfaction from driving a successful survey forward. Our oil company clients have found this course extremely attractive as they are looking for Verif-i consultants to be leaders in the field, not just act as policemen.


This is a residential three day course which takes place in Middle Aston, just north of Oxford in the UK. Tuition, accommodation and meals are provided by Verif-i, attendees are only required to get to and from the centre.


To register your interest please contact Lorna at lorna@verif-i.com who will update you with provisional dates.