"I hope your camp move goes well"

We had outgrown our old office that had served us well for thirteen years and we spent nine months looking for our new premises followed by another six months on redevelopment before we were ready for the relocation. The comment above was made to me just before the removal guys showed up and it brought back memories of fraught base camp moves where vehicles broke down, got stuck, air conditioners got trashed and you lived on sandwiches that got rougher and rougher as the journey progressed.


Thankfully, our move of five miles into Caversham, just over the river from Reading, was a lot easier than that and after 12 hours of effort on Sunday all the office equipment was in place and our personal boxes were ready for unpacking. The new fast internet had been thoroughly checked out by Chris and Ben prior to our arrival so on Monday morning everybody fitted seamlessly into the new environment.


The new space that is very conducive to creative thinking which will produce many initiatives and innovations to add value to what we do for our clients and consultants.