Prosol Technologies - Precision Signal Generator 2

Independent verification of specifications is essential for system qualification and data of the highest integrity. Until now, this has been possibly only through use of bulky laboratory equipment, unsuited to field use.

Prosol’s second generation Precision Signal Generator is an all-new design which overcomes these limitations and is capable of providing the highest quality test signals in almost any environment.


  • Sine wave, pulse and DC outputs
  • 0.5 Hz to 250 Hz sine wave frequencies
  • 0.5 μs resolution for pulse delay and duration
  • 1 μV DC resolution
  • Output level relative accuracy 0.1 %
  • Output voltage range -3.54 V to +3.54 V
  • Timing accuracy 1 ppm
  • THD < -125 dB (0.00006 %), SNR >120 dB
  • Four output buffers with 30 mA drive capability each
  • <1 ohm buffer output resistance
  • Pulse and sine wave synchronisation features
  • Reference clock input and output
  • Internal monitor circuit checks signal generator performance
  • Monitor function can be used as a high accuracy data recorder
  • Small, light and low power (powered from 12 Vdc battery or wall cube)
  • Comprehensive scripts allow automated and semi-automated test procedures
  • Ground isolated USB control interface

The full brochure can be downloaded here.