GPS Sync

Record event times with microsecond accuracy

Typically used in production to measure the time break from seismic source controllers to give a precise time stamp for start of records. The time resolution of GPS Synchroniser is 1 nanosecond and the accuracy is typically 1 microsecond.

Some of the key points of the GPS Synchroniser are:

  • Measures the GPS or UTC time of events
  • Uncorrected Lat & Long also recorded
  • Results stored on internal 128 MB SD card
  • Retrigger time 10 ms (max of 5 events per second)
  • Uses GPS and GLONASS constellations
  • Opto isolated, TTL or closure inputs available
  • Constant monitoring or quick checks
  • Programmed and downloaded via USB
  • Autonomous operation
  • Rugged construction

The units can either be used on their own to derive an absolute independent event time or multiple units can be used to compare timing of different remote events.

The GPS Sync operates from 12 volts or can be powered via the supplied USB cable and comes complete with its own magnetic GPS antenna with 3 metre cable for completely independent checks of timing systems. Alternatively the GPS signal can be supplied by a suitable third party GPS antenna, e.g. from a splitter in the instrument room.

To obtain additional information about the GPS Synchroniser, please call our sales office on +44 118 972 2236 or email us at

Software to facilitate downloading and programming the GPS Sync can be downloaded here.

The brochure for this product can be downloaded here.