Technical Audits

QC audits for land crew and marine vessels

Verif-i enhances data value by reducing data acquisition errors. Around a third of the audits we have undertaken have revealed problems that if undetected would have seriously impaired the seismic data.

Why use Verif-i for your technical audit?

  • Totally independent service
  • Identification of equipment or procedural deficiencies
  • On the spot problem solving and long term advice
  • Expert specialist engineers
  • Leading edge test equipment

Data acquisition system self-tests do not tell the whole story. Verif-i provides a totally independent audit service covering recording instruments, sources and receivers, ensuring that systems used in data acquisition are right first time.

This means your projects will run more effectively and your internal and external customers will benefit. A rigorous approach to eliminating acquisition errors reduces risk and increases data value.

Verif-i expertise and experience
Verif-i only uses experienced engineers to conduct the audit and their expert knowledge means that deficiencies with equipment or procedures will be quickly identified. Fast location of problem areas allows the audit to be completed efficiently, eliminating any time delays and getting results to the client and contractor for fast implementation.

We carry all our own leading edge test equipment including Testif-i in-field test analysis software, high accuracy timing equipment, geophone tester, Sandwich Box vibrator tester, digital blaster testers, signal generators etc.

On the spot problem solving and long term advice
The aim of the audit is to work with the contractor to improve data quality, identify problem areas and suggest procedures to rectify faults and prevent future occurrences. The tests that we conduct are based on long experience in the verification of recording systems and sources and further tests may be developed in the field to fully investigate any anomalies that are uncovered.



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