About Us

Verif-i is an independent consultancy company which at its core specializes in providing independent auditing and testing of equipment designed for the seismic exploration, geotechnical, hydrographic and other markets. Our in-house experts have the expertise and know-how to assist in any phase of your campaign such as mobilization assurance, operational quality and enhanced reporting. Verif-i pioneered the fully independent technical audit market and continues to provide technical audits that go well beyond the minimum required baseline tests from equipment manufacturers mindful of your campaign’s specifications.

With operational readiness in mind, we will make sure that you have the full understanding of the crews you contract for your missions and the crews understand your requirements to deliver a successful campaign.

In addition to audits Verif-i offers mission support and personnel for HSE QC, Navigation QC, Lead QC, Company Man etc. Verif-i offers data quality assurance assistance at any individual stage of your survey. We can provide key service personnel deployed in representation of your organization to embody your company’s commitment to the campaign’s integrity.

Mindful of the total operation, Verif-i’s goal to give you the full operational snapshot. Our Audits, Services and Products give you the reports, confidence and results that match your exacting standards.

Kevin Sweetman

Managing Director

Kevin joined Verif-i in 2018 to take on the day to day management of the business. An electronics engineer with more than twenty years experience in the seismic industry who started as a marine field engineer, that then fell into equipment sales. Kevin is passionate about people, and wants the best for his team around him. If Kevin was to be described in one word it would be “encouraging”, as he can give motivational advice to his peers inherent to his demeanour.

Mark Foster

Business Development Manager

With over 20 years experience in BDM roles at various consultancy companies, and more than 38 years experience in the energy industry, Mark has amassed an extensive network of contacts and is always looking to meet and connect with new like-mineded people. After a brief hiatus Mark rejoined Verif-i in 2022.

Chris Woodward

Technical Director 

As one of the original founding members of Verif-i, Chris brings the historical continuity to the business. Tasked as Verif-i’s technical department lead. Daily responsibility for development roadmaps of Verif-i’s hardware and software products, Support of field staff and products and champion of the Verif-i Training Academy. Chris’s passion for the business is honing that sharp edge for his customers. He can often be found chatting with past customers and contractors gaining insights into how Verif-i products and services can be improved for the modernization of the business. Everyone knows Chris, he is always open to catch up!

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