//  Exploration Services


  • Multi-national team of specialist land and marine consultants
  • Experienced in 2D, 3D, 4D TZ, OBC, Hi-Res Site Survey, CSEM and HSE projects
  • Extensive operational and global experience


Where would your project benefit from a Verif-i QC service contractor?

//  Operational Efficiency

1 – Managing

Project Management
Project Managers
Feed Studies
Technology Audits

2 – Planning

Survey design
Contractor SOW
Equipment Testing

//  Risk Reduction

3 – Acquiring

Project mobilization
Technical Audit
Client Representatives
Field QC Roles

4 – Processing

Field Data Processing QC

//  Business Value

5 – Analyzing

Online and offline data QC
Test Processing

6 – Visualizing


Operational Optimization

  • Remove excess opex spending with Verif-i’s prequalified contractor
    –  Extend your in-situ resources that mirror your corporate ethos
  • Mandated office support from Verif-i
    –  All our contractors benefit from insurance, technical, and administrative back office support which reduces money and time spend on upfront mission planning costs for your operations
  • Your man on the ground
    –  Benefit from regionally located and experienced team members to enhance your field team’s situational awareness

Operational Safety

Verif-i can also help with safety and environmental management in your operations. When paired with other service members from Verif-i, your operations benefit from an inherent safety culture.

//  Health, Safety, and Environment

HSSE Operations

Environmental Assessment
Environmental Management
Vessel Inspections
HSE Audits
MMO, PAM systems & operators
Mountaineers / Land Transport Coordinators

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//  Services

Project Managers

Survey Design

Technical Consultancy

Processing QC

Seismic Acquisition QC

Navigation QC