HSE Specialist

A Verif-i HSE Specialist is responsible, to the customer, for overseeing all health, safety, and environmental (HSE) concerns associated with the seismic project. Our seismic HSE experts are fully proficient in three key areas: HSE compliance requirements for operations, the project’s technical and engineering specifics, and fine-tuning cooperation with members of all the project’s various teams.


HSE compliance

Multi-level contracts and subcontracts are required for HSE compliance. The Verif-i HSE expert keeps on top of contract development and compliance by monitoring procedures and making modifications where appropriate. This complex undertaking of preparing for and maintaining health and safety on seismic missions requires a thorough understanding of HSE standards, as well as familiarity with project goals and strategies.

HSE compliance covers a wide range of concerns. The Verif-i specialist examines the client’s HSE plans and the plans of all seismic contractors and subcontractors. They also assesses and adjusts field procedures to ensure compliance, to the relevant to the project within the field. HSE audits of the field are performed regularly, including assets such as vessels, crews and equipment.

The function of the HSE professional in incident prevention is critical to the success of the project. The HSE administrator is responsible for anything that has the potential to harm crew members, the environment, equipment, or other assets. They work with the many parties involved in the project to develop preventative measures against incidents. And take remedial action as needed to anticipate incident risk at all severity levels. Verif-i’s HSE Specialists expertise is drawn from their involvement in the lifecycles of numerous seismic projects. In addition, they are well-versed in the contents of historical records of seismic accidents accumulated over years of industry documentation.


Technical responsibilities

Because of the highly technical aspect of seismic projects, the HSE expert needs a thorough background in the nuts and bolts of seismic explorations before they can ably involve themselves in developing a seismic HSE plan. At Verif-i, our HSE professionals are highly knowledgeable in all facets of seismic missions.

The HSE expert stays up to date on the responsibilities of other seismic QCs, and their familiarity with the technical equipment and procedures used throughout each phase of a seismic mission is critical because they must be conversant with all operations in the project. This readiness allows them to evaluate if all aspects of safety are sufficiently planned and monitored. They can then make recommendations for HSE improvements and take corrective measures on the spot.

Another essential technical duty for the HSE professional is reporting. It is crucial to understand both HSE performance data and seismic acquisition data when producing daily, weekly, and monthly HSE reports and statistics.


Key Responsibilities:

  • Monitor and assess Contractor HSE procedures and processes
  • Ensure adherence to the CLIENT and HSE requirements, contract HSE requirements, and the Project HSE Plan
  • Communicate deviations to CLIENT and Contractor designated personnel
  • Recommend HSE improvements and/or corrective actions
  • Ensure that the Project HSE Plan is updated to accurately reflect field procedures
  • Represent CLIENT in Project related HSE matters
  • Participate in incident investigations as required
  • Monitor HSE performance data
  • Compile HSE data and statistics for daily, weekly and monthly reports
  • Assist the Lead QC Representative as appropriate
  • Assist in the development of the Project HSE Plan when possible
  • Report to CLIENT contact as requested
  • Work with Technical and other QCs as a team
  • Maintain awareness of other QCs’ areas of responsibility
  • Conduct HSE audits of vessel and crew to assess compliance with regulatory, industry standards, and Client requirements.


Communication is key

For the Verif-i HSE Specialist to ensure compliance with the HSE plans at all levels, they must be an effective communicator. They must inform, assess, and check the requirements written into contracts and monitors the plans’ performances. Their involvement requires excellent communication skills with the client, as well as survey contractors and subcontractors. They are also comfortable conferring with HSE regulatory officials for the industry. While watching out for complacency and being alert for deviations from expected behaviours, the Verif-i HSE professional conveys their findings and prepares reports in a manner that gains respect and acceptance from all parties with vested interests in the project.

There is a considerable measure of comfort to be gained in the knowledge that Verif-i HSE Specialists are strong team players and will represent you, the client, in all HSE-related matters.

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