Survey Design

Survey Design Principles


There are several ways to approach Survey Design. It is therefore relevant to briefly describe the philosophy Verif-i adopts.

  • All relevant information will be used in the survey design.
  • All relevant geophysical knowledge will be considered in the survey design.
  • Possible methodologies will be considered, these may only provide a part solution but shall guide the final solution.
  • The design shall provide data to fit the specific purposes of the interpretation, which shall include the additional shallow targets.

A Verif-i Survey Design can contain elements such as

  • Seismic Modelling
  • Review of Legacy Data
  • Historical regional experience
  • Area Scouting
  • Verif-i Back office support and Expertise
  • Local area considerations
  • Obstruction and exclusion zone awareness
  • Well data
  • Contractor requirements for RFQs and ITTs


Verif-i Survey Designers are experts in the leading software for survey design. We can pair the candidate with the software expertise to match your organization’s software preferences.