Seismic Survey Project Managers

From goal refinement to crew tenders to equipment audits to data acquisition and processing, who takes responsibility for consolidating all these facets of a seismic survey? Verif-i has several highly qualified seismic survey Project Managers who will ensure that your mission accomplishes all its objectives. With talent and credentials developed through years of experience conducting land, marine or TZ surveys, their expertise will contribute to survey leadership that achieves your goals.


The Project Manager’s role

Seismic surveys include a significant number of team members as well as equipment and resources. As a result, several teams will come and go throughout the mission, while some crews remain static. In addition, all assets will need to be audited regularly. However, our clients can feel comfortable that Verif-i’s Project Managers are on top of it all, even the most minor aspects that are sometimes overlooked during the planning phase.

Let’s take a closer look at the Project Manager’s responsibilities.


Protecting the client’s interests

Verif-i Project Managers never lose sight of your unique goals and value sets, regardless of the project. They provide design advice, planning direction and team coordination for your survey, from the start to the completion of the programme. In short, your Verif-i Project Manager is your primary point of contact who will drive your project forward.


Someone needs to oversee all that paperwork!

After becoming acquainted with your goals and strategies, the Verif-i Project Manager will work with you to complete all relevant documentation.

The seismic Project Manager’s documenting role may include, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Design and describe acquisition parameters and other technical planning.
  • Assist in producing tender documents and contracts for contract bidding and then signing.
  • Track HSE compliance for each contractor and subcontractor throughout the survey.
  • Acquire certified documents for formal agreements with governmental, civic, and health and safety organisations.
  • Plan the budget and regularly report on production costs and progress.
  • Communicate with you, the client, to ensure that everyone is on the same page about all aspects of the seismic study.

Everything your Verif-i Project Manager undertakes for you is, without a doubt, reflected in the paperwork mentioned above.


Every seismic survey is unique

Regardless of location or goals, every seismic survey shares some characteristics. However, each geographical region is distinct. Consequently, the scope of various initiatives varies. As well, while there are some parallels, all surveys are essentially different. Nevertheless, Project Managers for Verif-i seismic surveys are ready and willing to cope with anything that comes their way.

Is your marine exploration going to disturb the local fishermen and marine life? Environmentalists may have reservations about seismic missions conducted within wooded areas. Plant life may have to be uprooted for line clearance. Will residents in increasingly urban locations stage civic demonstrations in response to disruptions to their lifestyles and the neighbourhood ecosystem?

Rest assured! Verif-i Project Managers wear many hats. As highly skilled geoscientists, they have also developed abilities to educate, lead, listen, reassure, execute fixes, coordinate crews and address the plethora of challenges that might arise on an exploratory mission. Naturally, they’ll prioritise safety while delivering results with the maximum degree of accuracy.