Seismic Acquisition QC

Verif-i’s Lead QC will communicate a client’s technical, commercial and HSE project goals to the contractors to ensure the project is acquired in a cost effective way producing the best possible data quality safely and quickly.

They will create a working team with the contractor’s key personnel, local civic leaders, security providers and other groups to achieve project deliverables. The Seismic QC takes responsibility for verifying that the survey contractors and subcontractors comply with the project plan, contract requirements, client values, applicable industry standards and best practices.

Verif-i’s Seismic / Geophysical QC is the CLIENT representative that “monitors and advises” on survey positioning, navigation processing and associated operational matters during the Project.

All of our consultants draw on technical and operational support from Verif-i’s head office in Reading, UK ensuring issues and problems are solved as quickly and effectively as possible.

Our consultants also benefit from access to Testif-i Light this software gives Verif-i technical QCs the ability to independently review acquired data more thoroughly than by just checking contractors’ results without getting bogged down in detail.

Testif-i Light - Instrument Test Processing suite, an extra tool for technical QCs

With the ability and willingness to help a crew to achieve the client’s goals, Verif-i consultants are highly knowledgeable and experienced with proven track records in the industry.