Remote Operations

With a mindful approach to ensuring the success of every aspect of the client’s operation, Verif-i has always taken an active and connected role to working with both field and office staff alike. Since 1998, before remote operations became mainstream, Verif-i always remained digitally connected to field operation through secure data connectivity, communications and data storage for large file exchanges.

Verif-i offers remote operation service options for most of the services we offer. QC of Navigation, seismic or remote processing of instrument tests are the most commonly requested and provided for to date.

Remote Instrument tests

Verif-i has remotely supporting operations by providing remote instrument analysis in an ongoing QC of crews in operation since 1998.

Bubble period analysis
Streamer tests – ( our record is remote analysis of 6,000 channels )
VAPS file analysis
and more…


Remote Software

Testif-i has inherent functionality that lends itself to creating a digital twin of the field crew’s operation from the office. Armed with support from the office, field operations can yield a second eye from client or Verif-i teams based in their respective operations offices. It can also be used as a primary remote QC tool for reporting to the crew and the client when travel to the site is not practical or safe.


Remote Control

Verif-i has various options and key industry partners with established working agreements for a enhancing the operation with remote intervention. The increased data fidelity furthers the connectivity through deployment of specialist software and/or hardware. This enhances not only by giving remote QC to the operation, but yields remote optimisation of the operation for greater monetary yields and time optimisation.

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