Remote Operations

Seismic services provided by Verif-i may be found all around the globe. Our QC consultancy services, seismic audits and data acquisition assignments must all be handled both in the field and inside office headquarters. Remote operations are becoming more frequent due to the various travel restrictions, the nature of the missions, and the requirement for rapid response times . With services available worldwide, Verif-i offers remote operating options for the many of its services, with results that are “almost as good as being there.”

Our remote seismic quality consultancies managed from Reading, UK, have been in operation since 1998. Offering secure communications and large file transmission and storage, Verif-i brings you remote seismic operations in navigational QC, instrument testing and more.

Remote Instrument testing

Verif-i strengths include experience providing support for continuous QC in the field. In conjunction with that, remote instrument analysis is critical to the success of seismic audits. Before remote operations became mainstream, Verif-i was already digitally connected to operations in the field, ensuring crew competence and instrument proficiency via secure digital connectivity. Does the equipment meet the required specifications right out of the box? Are irregularities being flagged as they arise? Response time must be rapid with a low- or no-tolerance approach to technical failures. Such expectations are only attainable when deploying a robust remote support infrastructure.


From source to report

Data acquisition and analysis are key to remote QC monitoring all the way through, from when the crew first arrive to after the last shot has been triggered. . The success of each process is dependent on precise communications, measurements and analysis. Results can only be adequately analysed if transmitted and received in correct and readable formats.

Testing changes in air gun bubble periods depending on air gun volume or array layouts is an example of marine source operations. In addition, other factors may be measured to determine whether there is an improvement in frequency.

All this has been made possible by the improved dependability of remote seismic operations.


The applications that makes it all possible

Verif-i’s Testif-i land and marine software allows data to be analysed either in the field or remotely. Its supporting role is unique in that it develops a digital twin of operations in the field, making every procedure viewable to the client, all the relevant crews, and Verif-i’s QC consultancy team. With immediate feedback to every person with a vested interest in the operation, Testif-i delivers the seismic services required on all fronts.

The software package also features a tool for seamless VAPS files analyses. This feature alone demonstrates how remote control via software has the potential to open up a world of possibilities. For example, Verif-i’s partnerships with key industry players optimise opportunities that would not be feasible without the dependability of its remote services. Similarly, collaboration with other professionals in the industry and the technologies they may bring to the table abounds.


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Verif-i was maintaining digital communications with field instrument operators long before remote operations became commonplace in seismic services. Managing seismic QC data requires precision and secure file management, no matter the size of the files. Verif-i QC, with the behind-the-scenes support from remote service operations, delivers the continual visibility that is critical for accurate and secure seismic services.

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