Technical Consultancy

Verif-i continues to invest time and effort to keeping up to date of the latest innovations in instrumentation. Clients can find difficulty to invest the time and resources to keeping up to date with the technology offers in the marketplace.

Our expertise in this area can be beneficial in a variety of ways.


Verif-i Consultancy Services

  • Tender appraisal
  • Pre-qualification and contract assessment
  • Instrument, source and receiver test analysis
  • Investigation of acquisition anomalies
  • Long term instrumentation monitoring
  • Technical audits on land, marine and VSP crews
  • Technical advice on bids and contracts


Verif-i can help with tender appraisals and the preparation of contracts.

Many contracts contain references to outdated equipment, practices and parameters. Contract specifications can be tightened to reflect improvements in recording fidelity and source control techniques to ensure that the maximum amount of information is faithfully recorded. Modern equipment can be stated as preferred in the contract to encourage contractors to provide the most suitable equipment.

Seismic Acquisition QC - Navigation Processing Positioning

All Verif-i personnel are degree qualified and have at least 10 years field experience on seismic crews. Verif-i consultants have current medicals and marine auditors have offshore/marine/survival safety training. Verif-i and its personnel have comprehensive medical and commercial insurance.