Marine Seismic Source Modelling

As part of Verif-i’s Marine Seismic Source QC solution, we can offer state-of-the-art airgun modelling using an industry-standard package. Extensive sets of field data have calibrated the software to simulate the source signature of a marine seismic source.

Verif-i’s modelling service provides the following:


  • Source signature modelling & statistics
    ◦  Far-field and near-field signature with ghost reflection modelling
    ◦  Primary to bubble ratios & bubble periods
    ◦  Centre of Source (Geometric), Centre of Energy, & Centre of pressure computations
    ◦  Optional pre and post filtering – user defined, Q, Wiener, Band-pass
    ◦  Individual energy contribution of each gun highlighting any guns that may be catalysing the array by absorbing energy.
    ◦  Source signature directivity analysis showing angle-frequency, angle-amplitude and dip-azimuthal plots.
  • Drop Out Analysis
    Gun drop out analysis with 1, 2 or 3 gun drop out modelling showing allowable, prohibited and “allowable with spare” matrices
  • Array comparison
    Provides statistics for each array with side-by-side differences and superimposed plots showing amplitude spectrum and time signatures.
  • Fully documented reporting in PDF format
    Comprehensive PDF reports showing array geometry – plan and elevation views, array configuration and all modelling statistics. Inline and crossline directivity plots and time signature and amplitude spectrum plots. Also provided is a gun dropout calculator used to interrogate the model in real time for acceptable/unacceptable gun drop out permutations. PDF reports are supplemented with full sets of ascii raw data and industry standard SEGY seismic traces used during the modelling process.
Marine Seismic Source Modelling