Navigation QC

Determining Positional Accuracy for Surveys


At Verif-i, the quality control (QC) of navigational and survey data follows the mandate of all our seismic services. As a result, our QC specialists become conversant with the objectives of each of our clients. They collaborate with the seismic acquisition team to ensure that navigation and survey data align with our clients’ requirements as specified in the contracts. The data must be accurate and of the highest quality.

Let’s take a look at Verif-i’s approach to ensuring survey positioning accuracy.


We are committed to the specifications of the contract

As part of our approach to the accuracy of positional and navigation data, we ensure that all team members are on board with the  survey specifications. The quality of data is determined according to how closely the data approximates its true value. The client, the contractor and our Verif-i QCs are all key members of this central team.


We monitor positioning equipment to ensure it meets specifications

Quality control of positioning data is only as good as the extent to which one can rely on the degree of accuracy of the positioning estimates. Although sensor technology has advanced significantly in recent years, data discrepancies still manifest themselves as errors. As a result, instrumentation dependability can have a significant impact on quality control.

The equipment used for navigation QC must satisfy the required specifications. Therefore, we keep a close watch on the instrumentation throughout the survey. The essential time to avoid errors, however, is at the outset. Because positional precision data may never be completely error-free, we strive to prevent inaccuracies from the start.

Verif-i’s in-house equipment is kept to the highest standards of maintenance. When using contractors’ or third-party instrumentation on a survey, all team members must agree that the equipment satisfies the required criteria. For example, some instruments may need calibration or other adjustments before or during a project. In addition, the team must decide whether the datasheet specifications provided by manufacturers are appropriate for the equipment’s field requirements and not rely exclusively on them.


We make sure that the survey’s geodetic parameters are correct

Geodetic surveys are necessary at all stages of a large-scale project, from conception to completion. For data collection and transmission that demands precision at each level, specialised equipment is required.   The standards used to monitor displacements establish geodetic parameters, such as the datums and ellipsoids. The parameters are critical for providing accurate reporting, which Verif-i consistently provides at each project stage.


High-quality navigation with pinpoint accuracy

Verif-i QC consultants offer the experience, expertise and willingness to lead positional surveys with solid backgrounds in navigational and survey positioning. To learn more about our services and products, you may contact us by phone or email.

With the ability and willingness to help a crew to achieve the client’s goals, Verif-i consultants are highly knowledgeable and experienced with proven track records in the industry.