Test Processing

Instrument and source test analysis


Verif-i’s experienced engineers can process your instrument and source tests using Testif-i, our proprietary test analysis software package.

A preliminary report is emailed to the client as soon as the analysis has been completed, usually within 24 hours of receiving the data. A comprehensive report with hyperlinks to all plots of test results is supplied by internet.

  • Fast turnaround of results
  • Instrument tests from land and marine systems
  • Vibrator hard wire tests
  • Airgun bubble period tests
  • Secure site for reception of data by internet

Raw test data can be transmitted by internet to our FTP site. Datasets of over 6000 channels have been successfully received by satellite from seismic vessels in this manner.

Alternatively, data can be received on CD or DVD. Verif-i can also arrange to have other media transcribed by a third party service.

Technical Consultancy - Verif-i continues to invest time and effort to keeping up to date of the latest innovations in instrumentation.