Seismic Exploration

It all started with geological folding. Folds in sedimentary rocks emerge from distorted strata patterns. They can capture, bury, and preserve hydrocarbon molecules like gas and oil, ultimately leading to the discovery of petroleum deposits. The disadvantage of this system of exploration is that it is an inefficient technique for actually confirming the presence or gauging the number of hydrocarbons beneath the surface.

Since the early 1900s, subsurface mapping has been one of the most effective techniques for locating oil and gas deposits. Seismic exploration is deployed to map subsurface structures of a region by exploiting acoustic methodologies and a compilation of industry standards and proprietary techniques. This complex infrastructure requires trained personnel, specialised technology, and the appropriate instrumentation. Teams for collecting, processing, and interpreting the seismic data are responsible for the key outcomes of any seismic survey.


What value does Verif-i bring to the exploration project?

The following are just a few of the ways Verif-i can assist you and your customers in achieving your goals.


In-house testing

To ensure the quality and accuracy of results during data acquisition, Verif-i can conduct in-house testing of all software and hardware modules prior to their operation in the field.


Feed Studies

Let Verif-i conduct both Pre-Front-End Engineering Design (Pre-FEED) and Feed Studies for you.

  • Pre-FEED Studies: Clearly delineate what the exploratory process should and should not consist of. In addition, establish which parameters will impact the design of the seismic project. Any limitations that need to be recognised are defined at this stage. This includes MMO and other HSE considerations that are dependent on regional environmental factors. For example, the array design concept may need to be adapted to comply with HSE concerns.
  • FEED Studies: FEED Studies drill down into a deeper understanding of the customer’s goals. Potential technical issues need to be both uncovered and solved. The impact of any budgetary constraints is defined and solved with clear solutions or workarounds. In other words, the viability of the project must be demonstrated before designing and planning can continue.


Survey Design

The design stage of many an engineering project is often considered to be the first stage of the plan. The Feed Studies that precede the design stage, however, cannot be omitted. The survey design stage is more concrete. Parameter specifications, equipment selection and data type determination such as 2D or 3D arrays, and even time-lapsed 4D setups, are all finalised. Verif-i experts ensure that this meticulous methodology for seismic data acquisition will also result in reliable data processing and accurate data interpretation. From start to finish, our survey design spans the entire project.


Sensor and Technology Audits

Sensor and technology audits are essential for seismic exploration success. Sensors are key technical components of seismic surveys. The potential for errors, however, makes sensor audits vital to the project. Whether your setup includes geophones, accelerometers, or any other specialised sensors, Verif-i adds a wealth of experience to the critical process of auditing and making timely adjustments, regardless of the data or survey type.


Documentation, data QC and reporting

Every seismic project requires a Statement of Work (SOW), reviewing and reporting. The project teams collaborate to achieve several goals. The Verif-i data acquisition QC provides the requisite qualifications, experience, and interpersonal communication skills to ensure that all teams are on the same page. He also closely adheres to document requirements and compliances, monitors, and measures online and offline data, checks for errors, makes necessary adjustments to equipment and staffing, and sends numerous reports at previously agreed-upon intervals.


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Seismic exploration is what Verif-i excels in. We can help to build any aspect of your plan or provide you with all the resources you need for the entire project. Contact us via phone or email, and we’ll tell you how.

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