Seismic Exploration

Subsurface mapping has been used since the early 1900s to map the subsurface structures of a region. Companies use a collection of industry standard as well as proprietary techniques to both collect and process seismic data to build a map and understanding of the subsurface for their clients.

All require specialist systems, sensors, integrations, instrumentation and trained personnel to operate and interpret the data collection related to the area of interest.

Verif-i can help with everything from

  • In-house testing
  • Feed Studies
  • Survey Design
  • Sensor and Technology Audits
  • Contractor SOW creation and review
  • Online and offline data QC
  • Reporting

//  Audits

Technical Audits

HSE Audits

Maritime Audits

//  Services

Project Managers

Survey Design

Technical Consultancy

Processing QC

Seismic Acquisition QC

VSP Acquisition QC

Navigation QC

Test Processing