Upgrades & Downloads

Customers with current Testif-i maintenance and support contracts are eligible for free software upgrades when a new version is released. The latest version of software is available via the hyperlinks in the table below.

Customers with a Mk3 Sandwich Box can download the  software and any updates free of charge from the links below.

For Testif-i users, a dongle upgrade code will be required whenever the numerical version number changes. No upgrade is required to run versions with the same number but different letter suffixes, for example upgrading software from 210 to 210a does not require a dongle upgrade but going from 210a to 211 does.

To obtain an update code please contact support@verif-i.com and give your Dongle Number and the Next Update Number (this information can be found using the Dongle Tools utility).

Testif-i software can be run for demonstration purposes without a dongle using the Example Data, also available below, but please note that Testif-i software will not process user’s own data unless there is a valid dongle present.

Current Software Releases

Testif-i Land2.12DownloadExample DataUpdates List
Testif-i Marine3.08DownloadExample DataUpdates List
Testif-i Light4.04DownloadExample Data
Sandwich Box Mk3306DownloadExample DataUpdates List
GPS Sync1.15DownloadManual