Sandwich Box Mk2 Software Changes

Customers with the Mk2 version of the Sandwich Box can download this software and any updates for free. The latest version of software can be obtained from the download area or can be supplied on CD if preferred.

The driver for the Sandwich Box Mk2 as originally supplied is not compatible with Windows 8 or Windows 10. The Sandwich Box firmware can be upgraded to use a Windows 8/10 compatible driver if the Sandwich Box is returned to Verif-i. Please email for further details.


Version 202b to 203


  • Down sweeps are now plotted on a reverse frequency axis
  • Interpolation of statistics has been improved for low sweep rates
  • Channel names can now be changed in the Edit Header module
  • Check multiple device numbers when searching for Sandwich Box in case there is more than one
  • Initialisation allows user to accept current Sandwich Box or search for another device
  • Implement checking the number of accelerometers and weighting in the parameters menu
  • Software no longer locks up if communications with Sandwich Box are lost during acquisition
  • Accelerometer test – amplitude plot changed to RMS
  • Accelerometer test – amplitude and phase plot axes labelled
  • Trigger details listed on header dump
  • Multi vibrator – correct x axis for correlation wavelet with sample intervals other than 1 ms
  • Reset – executing twice in succession resets USB port
  • Reset – Ding when Sandwich Box is ready for use (after calibration)