// freeAGENT 

Verif-i are changing the way that we interact with our talent. This is a true evolution of the business. In the past few years, different countries have passed legislation regarding the way that we can store, communicate and database our talent pool’s information. This has ultimately led us to the creation of the freeAGENT portal.  

// Work with Verif-i


Some of the key benefits of running talent interactions through freeAGENT 

  • Rapid communications from Verif-i on upcoming jobs 
  • Relevant job postings are automatically matched to a member of the talent pool 
  • Personal information of both talent and job postings are stored securely in a password protected environment 
  • Ability to retrieve real-time information from talent pool such as skill updates or job posting availability 
  • Tracking and assistance on maintaining talent critical safety and training documents with notifications on expiry and need for retraining. 

// Clients

For Verif-i clients it creates an easy to navigate process at Verif-i that is connected across all time zones, offices and personnel. Which means no matter who you contact at Verif-i we can get you the updates and information you need straight away.  

Verif-i’s current MSA clients will benefit from the ability to answer availability and proposal requests in near real-time since Verif-i has negotiated terms of engagement. With quick preparation Verif-i can even engage in telepresence with you to define the need, availability and matching of talent for your jobs exacting standards and needs on the call. The information we need to match your company to top talent is now at our fingertips! 

The benefits for the Verif-i talent pool will see huge gains in the transparency and usage of your data. Verif-i will be able to maintain up to date information on how job RFIs and RFQs are unfolding in real-time for communication live within the portal all the way to contract in hand. 

Verif-i FreeAGENT is one place for talent to track job participation, feedback on the question you have, job reporting and invoicing.  

Daniel Roscoe-Hudson  // Business Development Director