April – 2020 

Following the change of ownership of Verif-i we have been reviewing our digital presence and looking at the most effective way to let you know what is happening within Verif-i and to start a conversation so we can help you find the best solution to your needs. 

Over the next few months, you will see a complete digital evolution of the business. Verif-i took the decision to make the business more dynamic and responsive to the modernising business practices starting in late September-2019. It is pure coincidence that the launch dates for this fell during a time of a global crises. Perhaps, timing of this metamorphosis is kismet for Verif-i’s operations, customers and clients alike. 


Verif-i continues to operate during the UK Government’s lockdown orders. Pursuant to these measures Verif-i remains 100% operational during these times. Remote working and testing has become an ever increasing side of the business since 2017 and we are continuing our efforts in this area with the introduction of new technologies and ways of working. 

Key developments and partnerships have been the catalyst that ensured Verif-i’s resistance to the ongoing global crisis.  


Verif-i is happy to report that we have several ongoing business engagements that will continue to operate during the down time. Our current run on confirmed and ongoing jobs takes us well into 2021. Albeit for now, these jobs do come with the complexity of moving people around the planet during the ongoing pandemic. The 1st goal is the safety of our team. We remain vigilant and tolerant of the dynamic nature of the field crews requirements as we continue to learn more about Covid-19. We are in this together and want the best for everything 

In 2019 

In 2019, We saw the first of evolving the business into neighbouring markets, such as geotechnical and hydrographic. Verif-i are keen to continue retargeting our existing practises, equipment and expertise into these fields for the greater benefit.  

Looking Forward 

Verif-i continues to focus on our core technical consultancy and audit business. Clients are always excited to see the returns and benefits from taking the time to engage with Verif-i as a confidential independent milestone in their development tracks for new products or mobilization of new missions.  

I look forward to the next 12 months and feel that Verif-i has a strong team and solid growth potential. Armed with the suite of new digital tools, envisage that we are ready to exceed the demands of our clients. 

Kevin Sweetman // Managing Director