We are in the process of releasing a brand new version of our Testif-i software which is a lighter version of our ever popular land and marine versions. This version has the ability to analyse both vibrator sweep tests, streamer tests and some production data. This software is designed to be used by our seismic QCs while on crews or seismic vessels to give them the ability to check the sources, sensors or data easily throughout the survey.

Some of the key aspects of the Testif-i Light software are:

Multi-vibrator hardwire similarities
Automatic calculation of vibrator start time errors
Confirmation of correct vibrator sweep type
Receiver step impulse analysis
Display of results from a variety geophone and hydrophone testers
Near field Hydrophone similarity analysis
Streamer RMS sensitivity analysis
Streamer Noise analysis
Using a software license our QCs can gain access to this software at a moment’s notice for fast deployments onto the crews or vessels. This will give our seismic QCs an edge while on the crews.

Verif-i’s Testif-i Land and Marine suites are the leading independent instrumentation evaluation software and we have been leveraging our experience and knowledge into this new version to give our seismic QCs an easily usable software tool throughout the survey.