2014 has been a bit of a rollercoaster with oil prices almost halving from $110 a barrel at the start of the year to around $60 at the end. All businesses that we provide products and services to are looking anew at their suppliers to ensure they are getting value for money. The key word here is value and we have been pushing for continual improvement in this area with our office staff and with our consultants in the field.

All Verif-i personnel should constantly question what they are doing and ask themselves (or others) “how can I do this better?” Whether it is a personal safety issue, a suggestion to a contractor to improve data quality or an idea for reducing client costs, do not feel confined to your job description to prevent you coming up with a new way of doing things. The tenet that “this work has always been done this way” should be a prime candidate for a novel approach for improving HSE, making the data better for interpreters and making the project more cost effective.

For Verif-i to continue to grow its reputation and keep our consultants busy we need to be able to show we are providing the value that our clients are demanding. One way we are adding value for our clients is by providing training for our consultants that will keep them on the leading edge of management and technical skills. If you would like to improve your leadership skills please contact Lorna to register your interest for the next course in spring next year. Also, we are running consultant courses on Testif-i Light which we are rolling out to seismic QCs and a three day QC Auditor course to provide another specialism and improved expertise.

If we can prove our value to our clients we can ensure all of us will remain busy into next year.

Good luck for 2015.

Simon Hill