Working as a team

The Rugby World Cup is currently being played out in UK and as we have a lot of rugby fans in the office this has caused considerable excitement. One of the key elements that has been seen from all nation’s games is the teamwork where the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. In Verif-i we play as a team, by forming different internal groups of employees to plan and manage projects and to leverage knowledge from other organisations that we have access to.

Verif-i has been a member of the International Energy Consultants Organisation ( almost since its inception and during that time has benefitted from open and frank discussion of the technical, HSE and commercial challenges facing exploration consultancy companies and consultants. IECO has recently taken a major step forward in becoming a member of the International Oil and Gas Producers ( association which enables Verif-i to have a forum to present our input to worldwide operators in fields that impact on our business. This will be done through us joining any of the many specialist committees that address the whole of the oil and gas exploration and production business.

IOGP have many initiatives and have created standards that all of us at Verif-i aspire to. These include such things as HSE Management (publications 423, 432 and 510), navigation formats (483) and helicopter operation guidelines (420). Though some of the publications are fairly large, anyone involved in field seismic should have a look at what they offer as they are a crystallisation of best practice and we can all learn some new metrics or processes from their guidance. Go to and search using “seismic” or “geophysical”.

With Team Verif-i on your side you are working with an entity far greater than a single company can offer.

Simon Hill – Managing Director