Necessity is the mother of invention and in these lean times we are reviewing what we can modify and innovate to enhance our efficiency and improve our processes. This will give us the competitive edge when helping our clients and supporting our consultants.

Some of our successful developments in the last year have included:

Introduced our web based journey management system for our consultants. This is an easy to use system that allows the consultants to send travel updates and messages to us which sends alerts to our operations team. Should anything untoward happen we can respond more quickly than before and we have up-to-date location information to resolve the issue.
Our QC Auditor service that uses lead seismic QCs more efficiently. Leveraging the wealth of knowledge that Verif-i has in its office based personnel, this service has been used successfully on a number of projects and has brought client benefits including continuity of supervision and cost reduction.
To improve field QC we have selected some of the most appropriate functionality from our respected Testif-i instrument, source and receiver analysis package and created Testif-i Light for our lead QCs who have been given office and web based training on the software. This gives our consultants a familiar and independent processing environment that they can use in many acquisition scenarios to enhance their evaluation of the data.

All of the above contribute to Verif-i’s ethos of continuous improvement and, despite the challenging environment we find ourselves in at the moment, in the next year will be bringing the new ideas we have on HSE auditing and survey planning using quantified historical data to the market. I am sure all of these innovations will help achieve our goals of safer surveys that are more cost effective with better data.

Simon Hill – Managing Director