The Q1 2015 Update

Since our last newsletter when downturn was on the cards we have recently doubled our proposal output from the last quarter in Exploration Services despite the oil price falling further. We believe that working clever and partnering with our clients in the long term, providing independent technical advice and excellent QC services has led to us improving our output despite the macro environment.

Verif-i also take a long term view on training as I mentioned last time, three successful technical training courses have now been completed and now our attention turns to the “softer” skills sets required to drive a survey forward and be a true Leader in Acquisition. The Leaders in Acquisition course is scheduled for April this year and spaces are at a premium, call me or email Lorna ( if you are interested in being part of this programme, it is open to clients and consultants. To term the skills learnt on this course as “soft skills” is somewhat of a misnomer as many find these skills and methods a lot harder to put in to practice and learn than the “hard” quantative technical training they have been through. Having been on the course myself it certainly is an eye opener and didn’t feel “soft” at all!

Ian Fisher