The Q1 2016 Update

A famous sports champion once said ““Discipline, doing what you hate to do but do it like you love it.””. My taking from this is in order to improve our performance we must have the discipline to look at our weaknesses and focus our time on these. But the essence of this goes further than simply addressing our weaknesses in a review with a manager or self-reflection it requires action, and not simply doing a task or following a process but fully engaging with that task or process.

This is one of the true differentiators between champions and rest of the field both in sports and business. If we only focus on what we are good at we close our minds and experiences to a single area and maybe single approach. To look at all aspects of our business and lives and pay extra attention to the components of both that we tend to shirk away from I believe can only lead to greater experiences, more learning and thus better performance p.s. if you google the quote you wouldn’t argue with the guy that is attributed to it!

In recent times we have closed out successful projects in Europe including Romania and Greece and continue to work in the Middle East and South America. As part of our continuous improvement philosophy Verif-I have been examining our performance over the last year and where we are heading in 2016, this has included open and honest appraisal and a positive call to action to ensure we do the best we can in 2016.

To our consultants on current projects and those on existing proposals thank you for delivering for us and being a part of the Verif-i team.

Ian Fisher – Operations Manager