The Q3 2014 Update

An interesting, challenging and successful last few months for the Exploration Services team and Verif-i for a number of reasons. The projects we are working on in Kurdistan have recently highlighted how the geo-political environment can have an impact in the field. While operating in this region has always had its’ potential risks the news from certain areas has served to remind us of how dedicated we have to be with our communications with consultants, clients and security providers to ensure we can respond swiftly and effectively if needed. I am extremely pleased to say that our emergency response planning and lines of communication worked when needed and our consultants were successfully de-mobbed when the perceived threat of insurgents lead to the evacuation process.

Tempering this also is the fact that there were no security incidents on the projects that we were involved in and all the actions and decisions taken by us and our clients were all precautionary. The need for level headed decision making and actions are of paramount importance in these situations and my thanks go to our consultants who excelled throughout the whole process.

Again these situations highlight the need for reliable communications and journey management is a part of this that we all need to be reminded of. On a recent trip to Denmark I failed to contact the office to update them with my journey management when I had landed. Even though this trip involved travel to a politically stable country, with no trips offshore or to the field I should still have initiated this important message, a point that I am pleased to say I was brought up on when I later had conversations with the team. I have considered myself told off!

With multiple new projects starting in September, October and November, the end of Q3 and beginning of Q4 will continue to be busy for Verif-i, and I can’t believe we are planning for New Year already.

We believe that training and development at any career stage are key to continuous quality delivery and progression and enjoyment in our work. I am pleased to follow Lorna’s progress through her NEBOSH certification and Beth on her path to APM Project Management qualification. Last week Mark and I attended a seismic acquisition course that proved very beneficial in our continued knowledge attainment and understanding of the industry.

We are looking forward to seeing consultants and clients in Denver for the SEG on booth number 656. Chris, Simon Beth and I will be there while Mark heads off to the far-east and Africa! So everyone REMEMBER YOUR JOURNEY MANAGEMENT!