The world has started to open up again. Attempts to restart the markets and economies around the world are growing each day. Great news for those who have been waiting on the side-lines for their chance to return to work. At Verif-i we have continued to move our QC service members around the world during the pandemic. Servicing an industry that does not stop; since stopping can be more dangerous that forging ahead.

Those who work in the Oil and Gas and renewable industries are the referenced individuals here. An industry where operators interest do not lie in just one isolated part of the world. This is an industry that operates anywhere from the most densely populated parts of the world to the most remote parts of the world. The reliance on travel corridors for the movement of people around the world to put subject matter experts in the right place at the right time is imperative. The safety of those individuals is paramount from the time they pack their bags to head to site to the time they finish their quarantine at home after a job.

Verif-i has been monitoring our service personnel as they travel to and from sites. Shining examples of hope on how an industry that is extremely safety conscious can ensure the safety of their teams while continuing to progress their projects forwards are emerging. The below info graphic shows an abridged version of one QC service members from Verif-i experienced his last rotation in June 2020.

Enhanced Travel Example

There was no risk left unchallenged or assessed during his 35 day rotation on the job site. Enduring 7 Covid tests during his time on the project all to protect his team members travelling to the job site and family members returning home. Not to mention the immense paperwork exercise and optimised travel planning to account for the extra time needed to remain in compliance with the new normal. The individual had to spend nearly a 1 to 1 ratio of time working and isolating himself; once the time before and after the job at home are factored in.

Other Verif-i QC service members have even opted to remain on the job by taking their down time in isolation within the bubble of operations on the crews or in hotels isolated between rotations. This is an unprecedented level of dedication that Verif-i are proud to continue to safely support. While this is not our preferred operational norm as Verif-i do encourage that for the mental health of our team that they return home to their families for some real R&R.

The goal of this article is to inform that at Verif-i we are seeing a safe way forward for the industries that we service. Taking the time to listen to our training and perform the risk analysis during the planning of these missions are yielding safe travel to mission sites in compliance with not just the global governances, but with client site, Verif-i, and the service members interests, and safety are fully considered. Operating global track and trace programs for our QC service members as a part of our client and government track and trace programs is an essential part of successfully operating during the ongoing pandemic. Verif-i would like to recognise the fortitude and adaptability that Verif-i’s QC service members and support staff have shown during the last few months. Verif-i would also like to thank the continued participation in planning and journey management that are ongoing with our clients and their operational sites to ensure the safety of all team members.

If you have any questions, feedback or suggestions for Verif-i we would be happy to hear how you are dealing with the ongoing pandemic or provide our return of experience.

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Daniel Roscoe-Hudson // Business Development Director