Testif-i Software for Confidence in your Seismic Test Instrumentation

Verif-i has proven its proficiency in general seismic instrument testing, particularly in the verticals of oil, gas and other energy resources. In the fields of seismic investigation, environmental research, marine seismic acquisition, geotechnical land surveys, and more, we provide consultancy services in quality control, testing, hardware such our seismic testing equipment, software implementation, and training.

In a perfect world, all of a system’s components should work together to create the whole. However, for proper quality control, every bit of data counts. So what is the most effective method for assessing the quality of all system components?

The requisite software.

The Testif-i software suite is a powerful tool for thoroughly checking that every component of your seismic instrument testing system performs to specs.

The unique abilities of Testif-i

What makes Testif-i stand out from the crowd? The Testif-i QC software suite has many features, some of which are unique in the field of seismic instrument testing software. Let’s take a look at three of them in particular.

Three versions, including a light one

Testif-i comes in two main versions, plus one light version.

  • Testif-i Land for processing instrument, source and receiver tests for land systems
  • Testif-i Marine for maritime data acquisition systems
  • Testif-i Light for processing day to day source and receiver tests for both land and marine systems

Many modules to choose from

The modular design of Testif-i makes the software very versatile. You can turn the software into your own bespoke testing suite based on the various devices in your seismic acquisition system. For example, Six modules are available for different vibrator tests. There are also modules for analysing results from most geophone testers. All the vibrator and geophone modules can also be found in Testif-i Light as they are required for daily operations. Modules are not only designed for system testing. There are also modules for examining records and for manipulating data.


Testif-i is standalone software that analyses the data from the source, the receiver and the instrument under test. Although instrument self-tests are helpful, there’s nothing like an independent processing system to verify test results. Testif-i provides visibility into your instrument recordings and lets you customise and integrate your quality control. It also alerts you to problems that the instrument’s self-test did not detect.

A look at some more features of Testif-i software

We’ve discussed some of Testif-i’s distinguishing capabilities. Now, let’s take a look at some more of the software’s functionality. This is not an exhaustive list. Furthermore, new modules and features are constantly being added.

  • Data formats: Testif-i supports all industry-standard data formats. These include the SEG-D and SEG-Y seismic data formats. In addition, vibrator attribute file formats, such as VAPS, Pelton and Source Link PSS, are also supported.
  • Data displays: Results may be displayed as bar charts or histograms. Histograms give clear comparisons between vibrators, making decision-making easy when sources may weaken or fail.
  • Testif-i is Windows-based, resulting in a very user-friendly interface. The Windows client also lets you analyse external tests that are not part of the recording systems self-test suite. Examples include the availability of modules to process tests from external test equipment, such as clocks and pulse generators.
  • Airgun bubble testing: Bubble tests to measure the gun response.


Benefits of using Verif-i products

There is more to a product than its ease-of-use, excellent features and first-rate specifications. A company that stands behind its product is an integral factor in the product’s effectiveness and sustainability. Let’s see why:


  • When you purchase Testif-i software, your product support comes straight from the developers. They know their products inside and out.
  • Verif-i frequently offers in-depth training for users.
  • Users’ recommendations are taken very seriously and are regularly implemented.
  • Bugfix turn-around time is fast.
  • Verif-i technical consultants use Testif-i software themselves. This contributes to design brainstorming and innovative product development.


A vote of confidence

Seismic instrument testing is critical for the success of geotechnical, environmental, marine and land surveys. Testif-i Land and Testif-I Marine go that extra mile to ensure that the work can begin. Taking advantage of both power and excellent usability, the two software bundles both complement Testif-i Light, letting it perform the day-to-day operational checks and data analyses.

Be in touch

We would be pleased to answer any questions you may have about Testif-i, the seismic instrument testing software that will meet all your testing requirements, no matter how large or diverse your seismic instrumentation is.

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