Seis GEaR Inc. is pleased to announce the recent acquisition of Verif-i Limited located in Reading, UK. Verif-i Limited is a leading provider of Auditing and QC services that include technical audits, inspections, and related consulting to key oil company, multi-client data companies and manufacturers both in the marine and land markets.

Mike Burnham of Seis GEaR comments…. “we feel both companies have the same core values of being trusted advisors, with a focus on reliability and cost effectiveness and can use these synergies to help our current and new customers inside and outside of the traditional seismic markets.

We assure you that Verif-i will continue to operate and serve all our clients with the same level of professionalism and attention to detail. Both companies share a vision to provide the highest quality customer service and look forward to expanding into new markets.”

Going forward, Verif-i SG will be the legal entity in name, however, our intention is to keep the company culture in place and remain the independent technical authority that we have become over the last 20 years. Our mission remains unchanged. We will simply have more resources to continue providing quality results for our customers.

For any questions please feel free to contact any of the team members at Verif-i – you can continue to contact Verif-i and Verif-i personnel on the same email, telephone numbers and web site as before.