The start to the year has already been successful and busy.
A big thank you to the consultants that have delivered these projects and those who are currently working hard flying the Verif-i flag.

We are looking forward to Q2 and have some exciting opportunities in the pipeline.


We have just completed our 2013/2014 HSSE review with Tony Broomfield. Tony, Simon and I are more than happy with how we are progressing on this front, with one LTI in recent years in over 1 million exposure hours.

As part of our drive for continuous improvement we review policies and procedures and HSE reporting regularly to ensure they are fit for practice, relevant and are being adhered to in our day to day operations.

I would be keen to hear from any particular success stories clients or consultants have had in ensuring policy is put into practice as this is the crux of safe, efficient and high quality operations.

Leaders in Acquisition

We are still in planning stages for our 4th Leaders in Acquisition course scheduled for Q3 this year. I am keen to hear from clients and consultants who would be interested in speaking more about this fantastic personal development opportunity that Verif-i offers.

Just one more thing, my start to the day…A new feature in the newsletter…

My day usually starts with a run to my local train station, then onwards to our new office in Caversham, Reading. From there (after I have recovered!) lots of coffee while e-mails and messages are checked and responded to. I look forward to receiving lots of yes’s from our consultants who want to be a part of our bids and of course the best mails to receive are notification of a project award, like the one I received this week for a new project in the summer.

We will then have an update from the team on flights, visas’, current proposals we are working on and any outstanding actions from the previous day. More coffee, then into working on a proposal, speaking to an agent, talking through a potential project with a consultant and I’m nearly at lunch time. I will usually have interviews and client calls throughout the afternoon so need sufficient fuelling to see me through!

I would like to hear from our consultants and clients about typical starts to their day, as I am sure they will be wide and varied (and more interesting than mine!) To share them in this newsletter, which will provide an interesting regular slot, send through your “My Start To The Day” to me and I will post some in the next letter.