April – 2020


Remote Operations has always been a mindset at the core of the Verif-i business model. We just took a slightly different approach to arrive at this modern mindset. Ever since company inception, Verif-i engineers sought out how to make the life of a field engineer easier and more connected. Testif-i was a first step towards leveling the understanding of the field’s operation by optimizing data reporting so that the snapshot that both remote engineer and the connected Verif-i engineer are 100% mindful and conscious of the total operation. The first remote missions that Verif-i carried out were in the late 90’s!

In 2017 Verif-i planted the seeds that would sprout the digital evolution of the business in 2019. Moving all our data repositories, mail servers and communications to secure legislation compliant cloud-based architectures increased the pace and the connectivity of the business.

Desire to take this further has led to some imminent releases that we are excited to share with you. Information to serve as the backbone of understanding for all things Verif-i.

Digital Evolution

// Social Footprint

Verif-i has launched several new social platforms and enhanced augment with our customers on.

Links to these have been placed in the normally respected locations on our website, proposals, marketing materials and digital communications. Please follow us on your Social medium of choice!

In the event that you are not a social media fanboy. We will continue to make all our news available on our website here at https://verif-i.com/news/

// freeAGENT

See the news article on this section here > https://verif-i.com/freeagent-launch/

// Website

The old Verif-i website was not able to inherently communicate the capability of Verif-i. An update was needed to organize the site into ‘common’ navigation flows that web users have come to expect from their online experience. We feel that the new site embodies and portrays Verif-i in the light it has always embodied.

Clearer navigation to gain access to the information that the website user is looking for. Coupled with chat windows and webforms to speak with us directly if you are still needing more information that is available on the site. We hope you enjoy using the site as much as we enjoyed developing it for you!

Daniel Roscoe-Hudson // Business Development Director